“Providing one centralized platform for all players in the world of design and construction.”
Design thrives on the ideas, passion, time, and resources of millions of individuals, whether they be homeowners, designers, suppliers, laborers, or any number of other key roles that go into a finished project. ReDesign Hub was built to solve turnkey issues in the industry by bringing all of the design players closer together, making each one more successful in their projects, businesses, and professional relationships.
Our mission is threefold:
  1. Provide a collaborative, centralized platform that bridges the offline and online divide for design resources, supplies, and talent.
  2. Minimize the space between all of the key players that contribute to brilliant design and to mitigate misinformation, common challenges, and destructive competition so that ideas and design can flourish.
  3. Empower new players, from small studios to families to international brands, to learn and grow in the design field, so that quality of design is the shared end goal.
As a group of designers, suppliers, and homeowners, we built ReDesign Hub as a platform supported by and created for anyone who is passionate about design and construction.

Theo Doussineau @theoredesignhub

In 2018, after working in the design industry as a designer and vendor, our founder, Theo Doussineau, wanted to find a solution to some of the most pervasive challenges that he and all other stakeholders in the design community face. As a vendor, he faced steep go-to-market costs including building showrooms and developing client networks, or finding reliable suppliers in a new city or market, even with recommendations from disparate but well-intentioned parties.

As a client he struggled to gain access to all of the available suppliers and laborers, as many are left out of the conversation due to barrier-to-entry design sites or paid searches, ultimately hampering the spread of ideas and resources, and limiting options for homeowners and designers.  
Ultimately, the design industry is still rigidly siloed, leaving each branch of the design process isolated and struggling with similar challenges. Additionally, there was no one vendor-agnostic platform that could provide unbiased resources; most platforms that claim to host a wide variety of suppliers ultimately only host those with substantial advertising budgets, which cuts out the vast majority of boutique or individual suppliers and makes it impossible to compare all sources and products on an equal footing.  
The solution? Creating the very first multi-functional design organization that not only provides a vendor-agnostic platform for e-commerce, but also bridges the gap between offline and online design experiences, and brings together all players in the design puzzle. ReDesign Hub allows smaller suppliers to gain a voice, enables professionals to finally have access to all available resources at once and removes the negative edge of competition and paid visibility so that quality of design is the ultimate goal of all parties. ReDesign Hub also provides a network that is founded on the equity of suppliers and design professionals and makes sure that everyone has access to all information, not just the paid information of the few.
ReDesign Hub has five solution pillars: three cover the digital environment of the design world, and two offer physical areas of collaboration and sourcing. With all five, we can bridge the gap between offline and online design needs and collaborate with all design professionals to create a seamless experience with quality of design in mind.  
Sourcing Concierge
At ReDesign Hub, we have a dedicated, in-house team of design professionals who serve as assistants for any and all RDH members and users in order to connect the dots and find solutions for any design question. Whether you’re a client looking for skilled labor, a designer looking for a tile or hardwood supplier, or a vendor looking for uses for a new product, connecting people is the goal. As a concierge service, our team is entirely vendor-agnostic and is guided by the principle of quality of design and fulfilling end user needs. Our team can provide information or education to kickstart ideas, or provide proposals or sample solutions. As trusted advisors, our team members will be your expert in the field and help fill the gaps in any project you have in mind.
The ReDesign Hub marketplace is the very first vendor-agnostic, highly-diverse marketplace for design and construction solutions and products. Think of this as your very own online, click and mortar marketplace for any and all design and construction needs. Instead of siloed, inequitable paid sites or catalogues, we now have a dedicated marketplace that shows you every result for every search, irrelevant of vendor marketing budgets. Clients and designers can now find the best fit solutions and products for each project, easily comparing options, and vendors, suppliers, and laborers can rest easy knowing that they and their solutions are presented on a level playing field. Opportunity for all is the key, both for end users who want honest displays of all solutions available, and vendors who want to provide their products openly and without negative competition.
Design Showroom
Once you’ve explored the online marketplace, or before you dive into the online world, the showroom is the physical manifestation of all online products and gives both clients and vendors the option to search for or display solutions in the real world. Instead of going to dozens of different individual showrooms to view isolated products, the ReDesign Hub showroom combines solutions from all vendors in the same physical space, allowing end users to compare in real time. This is key for international suppliers and boutique vendors whose solutions may be overlooked due to a lack of, and high cost of obtaining, a physical storefront. ReDesign Hub is essentially the host for the highest diversity of products and solutions, and our showroom is designed to bring clients in the door to address needs in real time and to provide opportunities for clients and vendors to find complementary and collaborative solutions and products. The ability to share a physical space and cross-source for a clients’ needs is one of the many challenges ReDesign Hub is solving.
Co-working Space (dedicated to construction professional)
In addition to a physical showroom, ReDesign Hub also provides physical coworking spaces for design professionals, further cutting go-to-market cost. Our mission is to bring all of the components of the design world closer together, and that includes the passionate people providing ideas and solutions.This collaborative and affordable space for design professionals aims to better equip members to accelerate networking in the design community, to elevate and promote trust and efficiency through collaboration, and increase closing rates and number and size of projects for all design professionals. Similar to generic, coworking spaces, ReDesign Hub offers business centers, conference rooms, open desks and private offices, a shared kitchen, internet, cleaning, and front desk services. Unique in the coworking world, the ReDesign Hub space is exclusively for the design community, meaning you will be working alongside like minded industry professionals and have daily opportunities for networking, support, and collaboration that will directly benefit your career.        
Learning Studio
Opportunity for all extends to the basics: education and access to information. We want to provide resources that will empower design community members and visitors and enable them to know what questions to ask and what solutions are best for them. With a growing library of articles on subjects like window covering options, the pros and cons of hardwood floors, countertop materials and how to choose and install them, or how to maximize room space using mirrors and rug choices, ReDesign Hub combines industry expertise with the ease of an online learning studio, built for anyone to use. No matter your background or level of experience, our goal is to share knowledge so that clients are better-informed, vendors know the needs and concerns of end users, and designers can find and share ideas. Check in on our learning studio for new content and if we haven’t yet produced articles on a subject you’re curious about, let us know! We’re better able to serve you the information you need when everyone pitches in their two cents!
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"All of us and the ReDesign Hub community have the same ultimate goal. Make design dreams a reality. From the first sketches on a piece of paper, to the finish project. We want to support those plans with reliable and trustworthy professionals. After all, realizing any construction dream is only possible with dedicated individuals, and we are here to help build the dream." Theo Doussineau