Outdoor Ground Waterproof Pop Up Stainless Steel Power Box, Hex Key

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Lew Electric OB-1-SH Pop Up Outdoor Ground Power Box

This pop up electrical outlet provides power outdoors at ground level in an attractive waterproof stainless steel finish with hex key opening on the top that provides secure access to the inside of the unit. The hex key model is ideal in commercial applications, or even residential applications where you want it more difficult to gain access to the power. The hex key needed to access to the box is included with ever box purchased. 

IP66 Waterproof Power Outside Where You Need It

The pop up features a waterproof top with an IP66 water and dust protection level. This means that no dust can enter the box, and the box has passed the test stating that a 12.5mm nozzle powerful water jet projected at the box will have no harmful effects.

Stainless Steel Marine Grade Top

The top of the pop up is made from marine grade stainless steel to withstand any harsh climate that weather can throw at it. The marine grade #316 stainless steel is better than regular stainless steel and will keep from rusting, pitting, and corroding. Water sitting on the top of the unit will not discolor the top. The material also offers increased strength at elevated temperatures. 

Tamper Proof GFCI Weather Resistant 20A Outlet for Safety

The UL listed outlet is 20 Amp rated, allowing the most demanding devices to be plugged in. The outlet has integrated GFCI protection providing safety right at the source, if the outlet recognizes an unsafe interruption in the current, it will automatically shut off power to the outlet. The plugs are tamper resistant (TR) meeting code, and offer the peace of mind knowing that children can't put small objects into the sockets and electrocute themselves. The 20A outlet is backwards compatible with 15A plugs, meaning that both 15A plugs and 20A plugs, can be plugged into the outlet. 

In-Ground Outlet Where it is Needed Most

A centrally located outdoor outlet can come in handy in many applications including yards, kitchens, pools, patios, and bars. Use them in commercial applications where you need readily available power. 

Pour in Concrete to Install 

The top can be installed on any outdoor material, but the box needs to be installed in a minimum of 4" of concrete. The height of the back box is 3 5/8", the minimum depth can be adjusted up to 1.75". The box needs to be wired to a dedicated GFCI breaker in the panel, there are ten 1/2" knockouts to run your wire into the box. 


  • Top: Stainless Steel #316
  • Hex key opening
  • Outlet: 20A GFCI weather resistant
  • Top: 6 7/8" x 5 11/16"
  • Back box: 5 1/4" x 4 3/4"
  • Tamper resistant (TR) plugs
  • For 4"+ concrete installations only
  • For outdoor or indoor use
  • UL listed receptacle E60120
  • Water protection: IP66 water & dust rated when closed
  • Gangable
  • Overall height of box is 3 5/8" 
  • Minimum depth can be adjusted upwards of 1 3/4" 
  • Install using a licensed electrician
  • Ten 1/2" knockouts
  • The top can be installed in concrete, pavers, or tile
  • Perfect for patios, pools, and outdoor kitchens 
  • 1 year warranty