ReDesign HUB Trade Program

Due to the complexity and the number of vendor we have available at RDH we have create rules of commission dedicated to serve our trade community and help you earn more.

Find out how you can earn from 10% to 25 % discount or commission on all our product and services provided by our partner.

Choose from Millions of Products

We carry thousand of brands and product that you already trust, including some of the leaders in the industry. They are at you disposal any time you need.

Choose from Millions of Pros

We have a large network of professional all over the globe that can successfully realize your project. Get access to those members and start building your dream while earning.


How can you earn more?

Most trade discount start at 10% but by assisting to lunch and learn, events or presentation as a professional you can earn credit and work you earnings up to 25% discount on specific brand, depending on the level of the brand or product.

What are the "Level" for?

Every product has a level from 1 to 10 allowing to earn different % of discount. Level 1 have the larges discount available, as product Level 10 have no room for discount but are provided as a service.