5.1A USB Type-A and USB Type-C Charging Wall TR 20 Amp Outlet

by Kitchen Pop Up

The Leviton T5833 is a 20 Amp gray decora outlet with one USB type-A and one USB type-C charging port. The receptacle has tamper resistant (TR) plugs, so no harmful objects can get inside the outlet. The outlet features 5.1 Amps of total USB charging power and 25+ watts of power. The type-C port can charge a maximum of 3.0 Amps at 5 Volts, and the type-A can charge a maximum of 2.4 Amps at 5 Volts. The Type-C port is reversible allowing the cable end to be inserted in either direction. The ports are smart charging and will automatically recognize the device being plugged in, and send the maximum amount of power that the device can safely handle.  

Having both the A and C charging connection allows older and newer mobile devices the ability to charge no matter the connection the device has. The outlet has overcurrent protection and internal regulator to ensure that electronics don't overheat. Installation is simple since the connections are on the side for convenience. The terminals are stainless steel and resist from the wires being pulled out. 

The outlet can be used for residential and commercial applications, making it a perfect choice for any duplex power requirements.

  • 20 Amp outlet
  • USB-A 2.4 Amp charging port
  • USB-C 3.0 Amp charging port
  • Voltage: 125 VAC
  • Tamper resistant (TR) plugs
  • cCSAus listed
  • Decora size
  • NEMA: 5-20R
  • Side stainless terminals
  • Terminal wire with 14 or 12 AWG
  • Only 1.68" thick
  • Install using a licensed electrician
  • 5 year warranty