Diamond Grit Hole Saw for Cutting Granite, with Mandrel

by Kitchen Pop Up

The Bosch diamond grit hole saw, along with the HDGQA mandrel is a perfect solution for cutting though hard surfaces such as granite. The saw has a cutting depth of 1.5", plenty to get though a countertop. The vacuum brazed diamond grit teeth cuts through stone surfaces quicker while lasting longer than a traditional hole saw (it is recommended to use water when drilling). The included mandrel makes centering and starting the hole a simple process. It's quick quick change feature allows you to change hole saw sizes quickly, as well as simple plug removal. The hole saw and mandrel kit is a perfect solution for cutting a hole in any hard surface, it would work well for cutting the hole required by Hubbell RCT boxes.


  • Color: Black
  • Cutting depth: 1.5"
  • Diamond grit teeth
  • Includes mandrel
  • 1 year warranty